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The College Emblem and its meaing

The College emblem holds a significant meaning. The "DIYA" or the "LAMP" at the centre is symbolic of the LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE, which like the sun, radiates hope into the lives of man.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the OPEN BOOK below speaks of learning and the quest for knowledge, which is the primary pre-occupation of the institute.

"Abirabirma edhi" It is an invocation to the "supreme soul" to enlighten the mind of man.


K.C. Das Commerce College envisages to be the premier institute to impart good quality commerce education in the North East of the country. It aspires to be recognized for its quality teaching to a diverse student population so as to enable them to realize and develop their inherent and potential capabilities. We aim to expand the skill development and employability of our students.


In the new millennium we envision that our college will



Be challenged to meet the needs of the society so that we can be leaders in educational innovations, creative expression and artistic production by fostering an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovation and entrepreneurship


Give emphasis to sustained inter disciplinary research and education, not only within and across academic fields, but also across institutional, national and cultural boundaries


Will focus its attention in areas where we can achieve excellence and comparative advantage in realizing our mission


Provide our region with an educational and cultural center in which demonstrated excellence is the pervading theme in the classroom, on the playing fields, in service to students and community


Be known for the success of its students as productive citizens whose active participation in their education has enabled them to reach their potential, capitalizing on their diverse backgrounds, talents and interest


Take its place in a society, which demands from all its participants honesty, integrity and civilized discourse and behavior


Be a model learning institution with a working environment in which the quality of life, mutual support and teamwork on campus are rich and participatory


Help students make successful educational and career transitions in today’s dynamic world


Enable the guardians to assess their own children and help them to reach their full potential and


Help teachers improve themselves through self-assessment and professional development.

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