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The Three Year Degree course leading to the Bachelor of Commerce degree allows the students to pursue a Pass course or a Major course in Commerce. The subjects in which they can offer Major are Accountancy, Finance and Management. The curriculum followed by the college in the Degree level is the one prescribed by the Gauhati University.

However, if the need and opportunity arises, the college is always ready to introduce new subjects and courses for the benefit of the students. For Higher Secondary in Commerce, the syllabus and curriculum followed is the one prescribed by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. The aim of this college is to broaden the outlook of the students by emphasizing the age-old values and virtues of life though education. We aim to inculcate positive thinking, develop analytical skills, moral, social and aesthetic values in them.

Vocational training and extra curricular activities are given due weight age with the aim of motivating the students to face the challenges of life, and thus to prepare them so as to gain enough confidence to be entrepreneurial and innovative.


We aim to create and shape individuals who have a socially responsive outlook and are willing to learn and accept new ideas according to the changing times which will ensure all round development of the nation.

Besides the regular students, the college aims to give due opportunity to any one who is willing to learn.

For the teachers of the college, teaching is a religion, a lifetime commitment, a vocation and a profession and not just an occupation. The teachers strive to keep abreast with the latest development in their own fields.

Striving for quality enhancement and excellence is our way of life.


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