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The yearly growth of the Library books | List of Journals | List of Newspaper| Transaction statistics of college staff

Class wise library card holder of present year | Statistics of present book bank user

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A library is the heart of an educational institution and the library of K.C.Das Commerce College is no less. It is the hub of academic activities of the college--- a trinity of the library staff, reading materials and the readers.

There have been major changes and improvement in the library which includes-


The library on the ground floor consisting of the Stack room, Circulation Desk, Reference reading table, OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalogue), Property shelf, and the Librarian's Room.


The first floor of the library consists of the reading room with a seating capacity of 115 nos, where current journals, bound volumes of periodicals and magazines are available. Access to Internet (Free Surfing) is now available for all.

The present library is equipped to cater to the needs of the more than two thousand odd student populations and the faculty of the college.


The following sections describe the nature and development of the Library

1. General
Name of the Library :K.C.Das Commerce College Library
System of the Library :Open Access System
Address of the Library :K.C.Das Commerce College
Chatribari, Guwahati-781 008
E-mail: dekapk@gmail.com.
URL: http://www.kcdccollege.com
Year of Establishment :1983
Working Days 6 days a week. But we are trying to keep the
library open during holidays also.
Working Hours :10.00a.m. to 04.30 p.m.
Area of the Library
(a) Reading Room
(b) Stack Processing Area
2706 sq feet
3626 sq feet
2. Staff

The present structure of the Library staff is as given below. There are presently 4 (four) Library staff. The names and positions are given below:

Sl No.
1. Mr. Prasanta Kumar Deka B.Sc.(Bot.),MLISc. Librarian
2. Mrs. Jyotikona Choudhury MLISc Asst. Librarian
3. Mrs. Reena Das H.S. Library Asst.
4. Mr. Ratul Medhi H.S. Library Bearer

Note: Prior to 1996 a faculty member of the college was looking after the library section on a part-time basis.

Library Committee

The Library Committee consists of the following members:

Sl No.
1. Dr. Radhey Shyam Tiwari, Associate Prof. & HOD , Hindi Chairman
2. Mr. Prasanta Kumar Deka , Librarian Convenor
3. Ms Jayashree Pathak , Asstt. Prof. , Deptt. of Maths. Stats Member
4. Mr. Rohit Bhattacharyya, Asstt. Prof. , Deptt. of Finance Member
5. Mr. Diapankar Malakar , Asstt.Prof . , Deptt. of Finance Member
4.1 Books  

The yearly growth of the Library books (Text & Ref.)

Annexure I
Journal / Magazine
Total Nos. of Current Journal / Magazine subscribed during
the year 2009-2010
Annexure II
Total No. of Newspapers subscribed
Annexure III
4.4 Educational CD 82
4.5 Maps 3
4.6 Globes 1
4.7 Back Volumes 86
Library Members
5.1 Students  

Students get membership at the time when they take admission into the college. But the students have to apply separately to obtain library cards.

Total number of Class wise Library Card holders are
Annexure IV
Teaching & Other Staff  

Library cards are also issued against all the members of the college family. The transaction history of the college staff has been furnished in Annexure V .The present volume of the teaching and other staff is given below.

a Principal 1
b Teachers (Sanctioned) 20
c Non-Sanctioned 13


1. Stack Area

All the processed books (Text and Ref.) have been kept in 79 book shelves, 1 wooden almirah. These books are arranged in a classified order according to the Class Numbers. Subject guide is displayed prominently to guide the users.

The book stacks have been placed in such a way that it is conducive to quiet study.

2. Technical Section:

The books and other reading materials are being classified using DDC 22 nd Edition (Dewey Decimal Classification) and AACR-II (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules I I Edition) for cataloguing purposes through SOUL (Software for University Library).

3. Reference Section

Reference Books have been separated from the textbooks. The Reference books are kept on the left side of the stack room in 28 book shelves.

4. Journal & News paper Section

Journals and Newspapers have been organized separately on the stacks near the Reading Table. A list of Journals and Newspapers currently subscribed to by the college library have been compiled in order to keep the teachers, students and staff informed as to which journals and newspapers are available in the library. (Annexure – II & I I I )

5. Book Bank Section

There are total 600 no books for book bank and these books are issued to backward class students and economically poor students. (Annexure VI)

6. Back Volume Section:

The old loose issues of the journals got bound and kept in a reading room in a classified order.

7. Circulation System

For circulation we use SOUL 2.0 package, (Developed by INFLIBNET Center , Ahmedabad). Each cardholder student member can take two copies of books for 15 days whereas a faculty member can take 12 copies of books. A book can be re-issued provided the book in question is not in demand by any other member. The Department wise issued items from 1/1/2008 to 31/12/2009 is furnished in Annexure VII.

8. New Arrival Display

Newly processed books are kept at a prominent place in two revolving bookstand for one week or more to attract and to bring these to the notice of the users.


The Library provides different types of services:

1 Automated Circulation System
2 Reading Room Service
3 Periodical Services
4 Reprographic Service
5 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
6 Digital Collection
7 Newspaper Indexing
8 Book bank
9 E-mail Service
10 Free Internet Browsing
11 E-Resources
12 Reference and information service
13 Library orientation (For Library database searching)
14 Current Awareness Service. (CAS)
1. Computerisation:

Computerisation has been introduced in the library activities towards the end of 2002, with the purchase of a Pentium III computer. The SOUL (Software for University Library) developed by INFLIBNET was introduced in February 2003 and the automation process of library started phase wise.

For this purpose the librarian underwent training in INFLIBNET Center , Ahmedabad in February 2003.

Automated circulation system has been introduced since 2005 for better circulation system.

In 2009 the Soul College Version package was upgraded to Soul Ver 2.0. The library recently incorporated the Web-OPAC technology using which the OPAC facility was extended to computers throughout the entire college campus.

2. Barcode technology:

To organize the disseminate flow of information in a systematic way we have introduced the Barcode technology in circulation system last month. It is a method of automated identification and data collection. For this purpose we have installed a new software P-touch Editor ver.4.1, one printer Brother (QL-550) and a gun type scanner.

3. Digital Library Division:

A Digital Collection has been created with the CD’s which were received free of cost with books and journals. There are more than 180 CDs on various subjects. Most of the CDs contain important software, encyclopedias, directory, tutorials and so on. Students and teachers are allowed to use the CDs for reference.

 4. Computer Network:

A Local Area Network (LAN) has been set up with five computers in the library. With this files, databases, printer, CD-ROM drives are shared in addition to SOUL facilities.

5. N-LIST (National Library And Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content):

The College library has access to e-resources through N-List (National Library And Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) funded by the Ministry of Human Resources development (MHRD) under its National Mission on Education through ICT. Under this programme the college library members enjoys access to more than 2,100 e-journals (including current issues with 5-10 years back files) and more than 51,000 e-books.


From the current session library orientation programme has been introduced and both teachers and students are made aware about the facilities and services of the library


To inculcate the reading habit among the students an award known as “Best Reader Award” will be announced from this year and every year one student will be selected for this award. This will help the students to train themselves in the art of self-education. (Annexure V I II).


We have planned to expand the library to the second floor of the present building and different sections will be built up separately. The Library plans to extend its digital section in fulfilment with the demands of the users. The Library also plans to subscribe to more e-journals and E-Books for its readers. Library Orientation Programme will be extended further and emphasis will be given to create more regular users of the library.


For further details of library services contact :

Mr. Prasanta Kumar Deka, Senior Librarian
Email : dekapk@gmail.com
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