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Core subject

-English(100 marks each in both H.S. 1st year & H.S. 2nd year)

-Modern Indian Language/Alternative English

Compulsory Elective Subjects

-Business Studies



Optional Elective Subject(any one of the following)

-Banking/Computer Science and Application/Commercial Mathematics and Statistics/Mathematics

  List of Modern Indian Languages or MIL(any one of the following)




Note for H.S. 1st Year Students

English: Questions will be set for 90 marks by the council out of a total of 100 marks and the rest 10 marks allotted for conversation skills(Reading + Speaking) will be assesed by the institution concerned.

Environmetal Education

Questions will be set for 40 marks(Theory) by the council out of a total of 50 marks and remaining 10 marks allotted for project works will be internally assesed by the Institution itself.


Semester I
General Paper

101-Business Mathematics(BMT)/Fundamentals of Insurance(FIN)(Business Mathematics is Compulsory for Major)

Core Papers

102-Financial Accounting-I(FAC-I)

103-Business Organization & Entrepreneurship Development(BED)

104-Indian Financial System(IFS)

Special Papers

105-Cost Accounting(CAC)(Accountancy Major)

105-Human Resource Managent(HRM)(Management Major)

105-Rural and Micro Finance(RMF)(Finance Major)

Semester II
General Paper

201-Communicative and Functional English I (CFE)/Functional MIL I

Core Papers

202-Financial Accounting-II(FAC-II)

203-Principles of Management(PMG)

204-Business Statistics(BST)

Specialised Papers

205-Management Accounting(MAC)(Accountancy Major)

205-Human Resource Planing & Development(HPD)(Management Major)

205-Micro Credit Institutions(MCI)(Finance Major)

Semester III
General Paper

301-Environmental Studies

302-Communicative and Functional English II (CFE)/Functional MIL II

Core Papers

303-Corporate Accounting(CRA)

304-Direct Taxes(DIT)

305-Corporate Law(CRL)

Specialised Papers

306-Advanced Corporate Accounting(ACA)(Accountancy Major)

306-Industrial Relation & Labour Law(IRL)(Management Major)

306-Financial Institutions & Markets(FIM)(Finance Major)

Semester IV
General Paper

401-Business Economics(BEC)

Core Papers

402-Auditing & Assurance(ADA)

403-Idirect Taxes(IDT)

404-Financial Services(FIS)

Specialised Papers

405-Advanced Financial Accounting(AFA)(Accountancy Major)

405-Cost & Management Accounting(CMA)(Management Major)

405-International Banking(ILB)(Finance Major)

Semester V
General Paper

501-Business Environment(BEN)

Core Papers

502-Marketing Management(MMN)

503-Financial Management(FMN)

504-Regulatory Framework of Business-I (RFB)

Specialised Papers

505-Financial Statment Analysis(FSA)(Accountancy Major)

505-Customer Relations & Retail Trade Management (CRM)(Management Major)

505-International Trade(ILT)(Finance Major)

Semester VI
General Paper

601-Information Technology in Business(ITB)

Core Papers

602-Marketing of Service(MOS)

603-Modern Banking Practices(MBP)

604-Regulatory Framework of Business-II (RFB-II)

Specialised Papers

605-Project Report(Common for all Major Students)

(Topic-Commerce,Economics,Business,Industry or Service Sector)


Semester I
Common to all

1.1-Business Policy Analysis(BPA)

1.2-Financial Reporting & Analysis(FRA)

1.3-Marketing Policy Analysis(MPA)

1.4-Business Statistics

1.5-Financial Markets & Institution(FMI)

Semester II
Common to all

2.6-Iconomic Lgislations(EL)

2.7-Organization Behaviour(OB)

2.8-Operations Research & Computer in Business(ORCB)

2.9A-Advanced Financial Management(AFM)


2.9B-Stratagic Human Resource Management(SHRM)

2.10A-Security analysis and Portfolio Management(SAPM)


2.10B-Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour(MRCB)

Semester III
Common to all

3.11-Research Methodology(RM)

3.12-Project Management(PM)

3.13A-International Finacial Management(IFM)


3.13B-Industrail Relations and Labour Laws(IRLL)

3.14A-Advanced Cost and Management Accounting(ACMA)


3.14B-International Marketing(IM)

Dessertaion- 100 marks=6 credits(Compulsory for all)

Semester IV
Students may opt for any five papers

4.16 Strategic Management(SM)

4.17 Entrepreneurship Management(IM)

4.18 Tax Planning(TP)

4.19 Management of Finacial Services(MFS)

4.20 Strategic Service Marketing(SSM)

4.21 Micro Finance(MF)

4.22 International Business(IB)


Semester I

1. Effective English and Business Communication

2. Business Economics

3. Business Mathematics

4. Principles of Management

5. Computer Fundamentals

Semester II

1. Personality and Personal Skill Development

2. Indian Economics Scenario

3. Business Statistics

4. Financial Accounting

5. Computer Applications

Semester III

1. Organization Behaviour

2. Marketing Management

3. Cost and Management Accounting

4. Production and Operations Management

5. Office Organization and Management

Semester IV

1. Human Resource Management

2. Marketing Research

3. Finacial Management

4. Management of Service

5. Business Laws

Semester V

1. Summer Project

2. Industrial Relations

3. Advertising and Sales Promotion

4. Working Capital Management

5. Consumer Behaviour and Retailing

Semester VI

1. Sales and Distribution Management

2. Taxation Laws

3. Rural Marketing

4. Export Marketing

5. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management


Semester I

1.1 Computer Fundamental & ICT Hardware

1.2 Communicative English

1.3 Introduction to C Programming

1.4 Mathematics-I

1.5 Laboratory(1.1, 1.3)

Semester II

2.1 Data Structure and Algorithm

2.2 Computer Based Accounting and Financial Management

2.3 Digital Logic Fundamentals

2.4 Mathematics-II

2.5 Laboratory(2.1, 2.2)

2.6 Environmental Studies

Semester III

3.1 Computer Engineering

3.2 Computer Organization and Architecture

3.3 Database Management System

3.4 Object Oriented Programming in C++

3.5 Laboratory(3.3, 3.4)

Semester IV

4.1 Operating System

4.2 Web Technology

4.3 Java Programming

4.4 Minor Project

4.5 Laboratory(4.1, 4.2, 4.3)

Semester V

5.1 System Adminstration using Linux

5.2 Computer Networks

5.3 Open Source Software

5.4 Elective

5.5 Laboratory(5.1, 5.3)


(A) Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming

(B) Automation Theory and Language

(C) Computer Oriented Numerical Methods Methods and Statistical Techniques

(D) Animation

Semester VI

6.1 Elective-6.1

6.2 Elective-6.2

6.3 Project Work


(A) Programming in C#

(B) Data Mining and Warehousing

(C) Optimizing Techniques

(D) Object Oriented Analysis and Design


(A) Mobile Application

(B) Cyber Law

(C) Distributed System


Semester I

1.1 ICT Hardware

1.2 Programming in C

1.3 Overview of Operating System

1.4 Intrduction to Office Automation

1.5 Database Management System

Semester II

2.1 Data Structure thruogh C language

2.2 Internet and Web Technology

2.3 Electvive Papers(any one)

a. GUI Application Programming

b. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods

c. Computer Graphics

d. Object Oriented Programming with C++

2.4 Project

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